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Malena Ruth celebrates the modern urban women through feminine lines. Glamorous, Chic, opulent, comfort, refined and alluring are adjectives that can be used to describe both the women and her collection.

Born and raised in Mozambique, an economist turned fashion designer, Malena takes luxury to its zenith, fusing a cultural myriad of fashion influences to give a distinctive and modern edge to her designs. Her vast travels and acute awareness of cultures and world beauty have remained influential throughout her pursuits.

Malena now uses this acumen for her designs, giving the line a distinctly universal elegance.

“I want a woman to fell feminine’, states the designer with a smile. “My designs are dreamlike

and alluring to the body, yet they feet perfectly into a busy lifestyle.”

Malena Ruth’s collection combined with modern silhouettes, is defined by lightness, comfort and purity.

It is the philosophy that continues to redefine modern fashion and brings comfortable yet elegant sophistication to new generations.

Malena understands that any women can be seen as a shape shifter: mother, captain of industry,

rising executive, single and fabulous. Malena gives today’s women designs that are as diverse as she is while remaining intricately elegant.

After all, for Malena Ruth “style is where elegance and intricacy meet, but the intricacy must appear to be simplicity.”